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Dearing Mard Full Movie 🎥



Dearing Mard (transl. Stand upstanding) is a 2014 Indian Tamil-language activity show movie composed and coordinated by Samuthirakani highlighting Jayam Ravi and Amala Paul in the number one spot roles.[1] It was delivered by KS Sreenivasan's Vaasan Visual Ventures.[2] The film's soundtrack and foundation score were formed by G. V. Prakash Kumar.[3] Ravi played a revolutionist for a social cause.[4]The film, which was all the while made in Telugu as Janda Pai Kapiraju (named into Hindi as Lion – The Ruler in 2015) with Nani instead of Jayam Ravi, delivered on 8 Walk 2014 and got for the most part sure reviews.[5] 

Nimirndhu Nil 

Nimirnthu nil.jpg 

Coordinated by 

P. Samuthirakani 

Composed by 

P. Samuthirakani 

Delivered by 

K. S. Sreenivasan (Moderator) 

K. S. Sivaraman 


Jayam Ravi 

Amala Paul 


Ragini Dwivedi 

Gowri Nandha 


M. Sukumar 

M. Jeevan 

Altered by 

S. N. Fazil 

Music by 

G. V. Prakash Kumar 



Vasan Visual Endeavors 

Dispersed by 

Vasan Visual Endeavors 

Delivery date 

8 Walk 2014 

Running time 

150 minutes 





The film was likewise named into Hindi as Challenging Mard in 2014 and later into Telugu as Pourudu in 2018 notwithstanding the all the while shot Telugu form. 


Plot Edit 

Aravindan Sivasamy (Jayam Ravi) is a 26-year-old youth who was raised in an ashram run by Harichandra (Nassar). The climate that he developed showed him high virtues, disciplines, nobility, dedication, and so on Be that as it may, when he emerges from the spot, his conviction and learning is addressed by the carcinogenic framework. It agitates him and makes him battle against the indecent societies of the general public. Aravindan chooses to take on degenerate administrators. His companion Ramachandran (Soori), an attorney named Raja Sendhoorapandian (Subbu Panchu), a columnist named Gopinath (C. Gopinath), alongside his better half Poomaari Mariappan (Amala Paul), go along with him in his main goal to battle against the defilement. 

They structure an arrangement and effectively uncover 147 government authorities, including a court judge and MP, and are discovered accepting kickbacks for an obscure individual by the name of Hari Chandran, which was made by Aravindhan utilizing his own image yet altered to appear to be unique. Every one of the adulterated authorities collaborate to take in Aravindan and his group with, a the copy picture and depiction of Hari named Narasimha Reddy (Jayam Ravi), a 42-year-old moderately aged man who accomplishes underground work for the Andhra Pradesh government with traces of him being a womanizer; to grandstand that Hari is for sure a genuine individual, as a strategy for defeating Aravindan's fight. 

Narasimha, who dwells in Andhra Pradesh, acknowledges the arrangement with the public authority authorities with the state of the bad authorities giving him 14.7 crores to get it done. Expecting that every one of his endeavors will go to no end, Aravindan heads to Andhra Pradesh to ruin Narasimha from asserting the bogus character of Hari, prompting a battle between the two. As the case happens in court, Aravindan and his colleagues are down and out because of Narasimha guaranteeing himself as Hari. 

At the point when the bad authorities are glad that things are going as arranged, the unexpected development happens where Narasimha states reality, showing that he was supporting Aravindan from the beginning all things considered. The court pronounces for Aravindan, and Narasimha acclaims Aravindan for his work. Narasimha further clarifies who precisely he is, as he is an individual who runs shelters and senior homes for female kids and older folks. He clarifies that he utilized the 14.7 crores to construct shelters in four separate states. 

As Aravindan and Narasimha embrace one another and get out of the court, Narasimha is cut on various occasions, and a battle breaks out, as the cohorts are set up by the bad authorities to kill Aravindan and Narasimha. Aravindan and Narasimha, with the assistance of people in general, face the conflict, where Narasimha saves Aravindan from being wounded. Narasimha passes on to his wounds from additional injuries, leaving Aravindan and his group crushed. The end credits feature that Aravindan and his group become fruitful in their concerns battle against defilement.

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